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Hire Purchase Loan

Hire purchase loan scheme aims at fulfilling your dream of owning your own vehicles. The scheme supports our customers to purchase their dream vehicle with an easy Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) payment option.



  • Applicable to new vehicles only.

Period of financing

  • Maximum 5 years.

Interest Rate

  • Fixed interest rate per annum depending upon the condition and value of the vehicle and risk involved, for rate please visit Rate Menu.

Payment Schedule

  • Equal Monthly Installment


  •  Attractive and competitive interest rate.
  • Easy and fast processing.
  • Financing available for private, commercial, business purpose vehicles.
Business Loan

Business loan scheme designed to help established growth and expansion of small and medium sized enterprises, Anmol Saving and credit cooperative has developed a special loan package meant just to suit small and medium sized enterprises to meet their short-term and long- term financing needs.

Home Loan

It is dream of anyone to have their own home from earning from their hard work. But to make such dream come true with limited money is a tough task. For this, Anmol Saving and Credit co-operative offers variety of home loan with most competitive interest rate and flexible features for construction, extension and renovation of house, purchase of house and land.

Agriculture Loan

Agriculture loan scheme is the advancing agriculture short, medium and long-term loans to the farmers at competitive interest rate to meet short-term agriculture operation expenses, to purchase farm machinery, for construction including renovation and running of shortage facilities and all type of agriculture and allied activities.

Foreign Employment Loan

Foreign employment loan is for financing to individuals who are seeking to be employed in foreign countries and need financial assistance during the time of preparing different documents.

Education Loan

Educational loan has been designed to meet the aspirations of students for completion of their studies both in and out of the country. This loan scheme provides loan for those students who demonstrate ability, drive and ambition but do not have the financial resources to pursue higher studies.

Fixed Deposit Collateral Loan

For emergency finances, you can easily option for a loan against Fixed Deposit. This is a secured loan option that requires you to pledge your Fixed Deposit as a collateral in return for the loan amount.

Community Based Loan

Community based loan is designed for those looking to start their first small business, community based loan are the based option.

Miscellaneous Loan

Miscellaneous Loan Scheme is loan specifically intended for personal use.

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